Anger Management and Depression: The Way Out

When we are hurt by someone or threatened by the situation, our obvious reactions are depression, anger, fear, etc. which is very natural for any person, but the intensity of the reaction varies from person to person. Some people react instantly and later try to cope with whatever the situation is. This is the most positive reaction which is good for mental and physical health. Some people just cannot get past the event and keep wondering what could be done and what should be done. These are the primary signs of depression. These types of people are stopped by a single failure and they gradually fail in all the next events due to one failure at the primary level. This type of people needs proper treatment for depression or otherwise, they will have a life full of difficulties.

Identifying the Types

Cures for depression cannot be just applied without knowing properly what type of major depressive disorder the person is having. Sometimes it becomes hard on the part of the therapist too to find out if the patient has unipolar depression or bipolar depression. If you look stage by stage or situation by situation, it is not very hard to find out. A person with bipolar depression has two phases of behavior, one is a manic phase and the other is the depression phase. In the manic phase the patient feels invincible and full of power; physically or mentally and in the depression phase the patient obviously becomes very depressed. The most important part of this type of depression is the sudden change of mood. In almost no time the patient’s mood shifts from one phase to another. Some of these types of patients seemed to have shown great creativity during this manic phase. For example, Van Gogh was also believed to be affected with bipolar depression and most of his great creations were done during this manic phase.


Depression: The Way Out

Signs of Depression

The other signs of depression are common to most of the patients of major depressive disorder. They fail to control their emotions most of the times and as a result, live a very unhappy social life. If you want to find out if you need treatment for depression or anger management, consider using the following tips,

  • Your reactions to certain events are completely different than the reactions of general people. For example, a misplaced vase will make you mad at others.
  • You hate social interactions and try to keep away from those as much as possible
  • On the other hand, people are afraid to interact with you too. They try to keep all the interactions with you as short as possible which is not very hard to notice if you are not too mad
  • You might also have problem maintaining law and order
  • You face it difficult to do the ordinary day to day work like paying the bills, locking the rooms in the house before leaving, etc.

If you see one or more of the above-mentioned points applicable for you, you should look for cures for depression as early as possible.



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