10 Common Fat Loss Mistake

Fat loss

10 Common Fat Loss Mistake

One day you look at yourself in the mirror and see a familiar face and an unfamiliar body and you realize that you are not the same size. You have grown your weight and it is time to shed the extra body fat off. You have to come up with a plan and a regime to make it right. In the process, you might also make mistakes. Below, we will go through a list of some mistakes that are commonly made by people trying to fat loss.

1. You don’t eat enough

Because you want to lose weight you assume that by eating less you are playing a role in losing your body fat, right? You may not be off the mark but you have to do it in the correct manner with outlined steps. The human body will burn or lose fat by simply having fewer calories consumed than what they will expend daily. You will prefer the deficit of your daily calories to be so little that it does not have an adverse effect on your size of muscles. Do not just abruptly reduce a lot of calories from your daily uptake, it may bring with it bad effects. You better avoid that.

2. How your body will react

At first, you will be feeling a bit tired and maybe have an unclear head. This may result in your blood sugar to fall in between your meals. The more you continue taking the reduced calories the more your body is going to adapt. This will result in the body instead of metabolizing the fat stores, to save them up. This in addition to the exercises that you may have been doing will cause your body to turn to burn muscle for fuel in place of healthy fat. This is the healthy fat loss that you need to have.

10 Common Fat Loss Mistake

3. Do It Gradually

You can take a better route to achieve your goal. You can do so by reducing your calories in a gradual manner. You can start by starting a calories deficit which is reasonable enough. By assuming you take 3,500 calories on a daily basis you can cut it by 500. In a week you will have cut back on 3500 calories. Usually, the 3500 calories are the calories amount that is stored in one pound of your body fat.

4. Balanced diet

With time you may find that you can cut more or maybe fewer calories. This will mostly because of your exercise regime as well as your body. Having a reasonable caloric deficit means that your body will be able to still exercise and carry out the usual activities in a day. But do not forget to make sure that you have a balanced diet.

5. Taking snacks in between meals

BY taking snacks in between your meals you are adding calories that you are not accounting for. This will affect the calories that you are planning to cut. You have to ensure that you do not add any snacks whether they are healthy or not to your diet. You have to be aware that every calorie counts. When you take that snack you may find that even the caloric deficit that was there is closed and you have added to the calories. Apart from snacks even a fruit or granola can add to your calories. Taking an unhealthy snack such as ice cream or candy is going to make the surplus even higher.

6. Cheat meal

If you must eat junk you can reserve it to your weekly cheat meal. It is not a must to have a cheat meal as it gives you the commitment to follow your plan to the letter.

7. You take the wrong sauce but the food is right

You may have a good meal which is in line with your diet but then your choice of sauce may break or make it. Sauces and salad dressings come packed with calories and many people do not limit them. The good way to fix the issue is to have an alternative that is fat-free. When eating out you can simply avoid sauces. Alternatively, you can decide to have a sauce on the side so that you can limit or control what you are taking in.

8. What you are drinking

To be able to fat loss you can start by having all your sugary drinks that are in your diet.
In fact, if your fat loss and still maintain the same diet you will see that your body fat will go down by a significant amount. But that is easier said than done. All the soft drinks such as Pepsi and Coke are preventing many from reaching their goals. Then let’s add the energy drinks such as Monster to the picture and you have high amounts of sugar.

9. The fruit juices

There are other drinks that you take without being aware of what they contain. Many juices that you will take will have no added sugar but the fruits are high in sugar. This is because they have their skin, fiber and seeds removed. On the benefits side, you say the juice has antioxidants and nutrients but it’s best to go natural. You can just take a mango and eat it instead of drinking the juice.

10. You don’t take the healthy fat

Fat, the healthy fat is an important part of what your body needs. You should make a point of taking the needed Healthy Fats. This may be through nuts, fish oil as well as oily fish. You will have good results such as healthy testosterone levels, balanced hormones, and a healthier heart. You may get an improved work out recovery and the best thing you will have an increase in your fat loss.

But most people will make the big mistake of cutting off every form of fat in their diet. You need to have healthy fat in your meals. You, however, need to watch them. There are fats that you need such as fish oil so that your body can function better. This will also lead to improving your satiety and control your hunger levels.


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