10 Reasons for Not Having Sex


Nowadays women don’t have time for like their 1950s partners. And it is also assessed that 40 million Americans have what specialists call a sexless marriage (engaging in sexual relations below 10 times each year).

Normal sex life is useful for your wellbeing. It can fulfill a wide range of enthusiastic and physical-inwardness needs and help spouses stay close, says Anita H. Clayton, MD, a teacher of psychiatry at the University of Virginia and in her book about sexual satisfaction and the quest for the intimacy of women.

So why the draft? You can credit it to a sheer absence of time; however, there are a large number of different reasons, as well from weight increase and per menopause to technology surcharge (quit messaging now) in the bedroom. Here’s the way for beating the main 10 Reasons for Not Having Sex.

1. Your Bed isn’t Hot Any Longer

We hear it again and again: The bed ought to be utilized for sex and rest only. So why do a large number of people demand to bring outsiders such as laptops, PDAs, Law & Order—into the boudoir? All those technologies and preoccupation can result in sleep deprivation and put a damper on your sex life. All things considered, it’s harder to start sex if your life spouse is a daily newspaper or stuck to the TV or if your hands are caught up with surfing the Web rather than his body.

Sex Rx: At least, make the room a no-tech zone, Clayton recommends to get a sexy bed. At that point examine your life (from romance and work to amusements and family), and give sex the value it is worth for. If you have to make a timetable for sex as you do for a sitting, do it!

2. Your Medications are Taking Your Sex Drive Away

What sarcasm! You begin taking oral contraceptives (OCs) so you can have straightforward sex. At that point, the magic little pills begin sapping your sex drive. Why? OCs contain estrogen, which builds the generation of a protein called sex-hormone binding globulin, says Michael Krychman, MD, medicinal director of the sexual solution at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California. Sex-hormone binding globulin can trap testosterone, influencing your sex drive. Other main sex-drive-stalling medications: those that lessen circulatory strain, uneasiness, and heartburn, and antidepressants.

Sex Rx: Ask your doctor about the sexual reactions of the majority of your medications. You may need to attempt a contraceptive method that doesn’t utilize hormones, for example, condoms, or an IUD.

3. Your Crazy-Engaged Life

You spend your days working, cooking, working out, and dealing with your family. Also, still, at 11:30 p.m. Besides completely tuckering you out, the incessant anxieties of cutting edge life can also trigger a course of hormonal changes that disturb your body’s sexual-reaction cycle. Furthermore here’s another advanced sex buster that adds to all the wildness: today’s constantly associated technology.

Sex Rx: With spontaneous sex pretty much impossible, you require a few genuine “life management” to work it in, specialists say. Put a lock on the bedroom door and set a technology time limit. Change gears with a relieving shower, recommends Los Angeles–based sex therapy specialist Linda De Villers, Ph.D.  Diving into warm water detracts you from the laptops and mobile phones that stop up your day. Include a couple of drops of ylang-ylang key oil; the fragrance is thought to elevate sexual sentiments.

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4. Your Body doesn’t Please You

A large number of ladies end up withdrawing or not eager to trial sexually on the off chance that they’re overweight or have a change in shape because of pregnancy, Clayton says. “Emotionally, we’ve gotten tied up with the media’s idealizing of what is truly sexy. The message is, you need to look a certain way to have fine sex.”

Sex Rx: “Ladies have an ability for hating the very things about themselves that other individuals find extremely appealing,” De Villers says. Don’t bother to get some information about your body from him; his compliments can help you feel more positive. At the same time don’t think little of the mental support of shedding a few pounds. In a recent survey launched by a popular health site, 37 percent of responders said getting thinner makes them feel sexy. Indeed, even a five-pound weight reduction has been indicated to jump-start sex drive.

5. You’ve Hit Perimenopause

Before menopause, hormonal shifts—particularly diminishing estrogen—lead to physiological changes that can make sex appear to be about as attractive as running a marathon with a rock in your sock. Delicate vaginal tissues get to be less greased up, the following dryness prompts agony, and painful sex rapidly transforms into no sex. Even hot flashes don’t improve the condition.

Sex Rx: Talk to your doctor about the upsides and downsides of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which may decrease menopausal symptoms. New research demonstrates an estrogen cream or suppository may ease dryness without the dangers of HRT. Lubricants can help too, particularly if pain during intercourse is a problem.

6. Your Spouse isn’t Interested

You might really be raring to go, however, your spouse’s motor appears stalled. Maybe he’s consciously withdrawing, says Bob Berkowitz, Ph.D., co-creator of a book about why men lose interest in sex and what is the solution for the problem. “The usual issues between husband and wife can play out on the bed,” he says, especially, in case, your husband has some major difficulty communicating his sentiments properly. Alternately, he may need you to be all the more sexually advanced.

Sex Rx: Talk it out in an accuse-free manner. “It’s reasonable that a lady would feel denied,” Berkowitz says. Don’t talk to him like ‘What the hell is going on? Are you cheating?’ in any case, or he’ll close down. If a man’s sex life doesn’t work out, he may feel he’s a failed man, on the grounds that men invest much of themselves in their sex life,” Berkowitz comprehends.

7. Your Depression

When you’re feeling depressed, longing can take a big hit, especially in case you’re female. Ladies have a tendency to confine themselves, Clayton says, and that can strain even the strongest of romantic relations. Antidepressants may lift the dull cloud, however, some influence your capacity to have an orgasm.

Sex Rx: If you perceive your sex drive takes a crash after you begin another medicine, tell your doctor; she may have the capacity to recommend an option. Consider distinctive avenues of medications. “The outcome of Psychotherapy does not cause sexual brokenness and is compelling, particularly in gentle to-direct depression,” Clayton says. Physical exercise will also help; it improves temperament and energy, and it supports blood flow to the genitals.

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8. Your Husband is Viagra-sized

The “Viagra-nation” of men isn’t a simple event to seniors. Younger men are taking the erectile-brokenness drug, as well, now and again just to improve performance in their sex life. The outcome can be a physical and enthusiastic separation. “The man takes the medicine and is ready to go, however, the lady needs more time to get stimulated, to get joined.”

Sex Rx: Clayton recommends managing time for some non-threatening and nonjudgmental sex talk (not in bed), amid which a lady can lay bare what she needs in bed to even the playing field.

9. You Prefer Your Vibrator More

Getting your Rabbit more regularly than your honey bunny? Do You want to get happy with your sex toy more than with your husband? This is more regular than some might imagine, De Villers says. A vibrator is less difficult and more available than a participating penis. While there’s nothing off with consolidating sex toys into your love life, getting to be dependent on a vibrator—or actually liking it over your spouse can be a genuine issue.

Sex Rx: If you truly are dependent on your vibrator to the detriment of your relationship with your husband, meet a therapist to gain some understanding about your relationship, De Villers prescribes. If the vibrator provides for you more fulfillment than sex with your spouse, discuss attempting some new moves.

10. You’re Unwell and Exhausted

Some ladies treated for low charisma wind up having an endocrine issue, for example, undiscovered thyroid disease, which can exhaustion, dejection, low sexual yearning, and fertility issues. Ladies who have perpetual diseases, for example, fibromyalgia, anemia, diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis might not be in the mood, either, because of exhaustion or body torment.

Sex Rx: Once a thyroid condition or weakness is diagnosed and cured, any related indications ought to disseminate. In case you’re fighting a chronic disease, you ought to take the concentration off of the intercourse and find out different approaches to accomplish sexual and sensual delight, Clayton says.


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