14 Ways To Fall In Love Over and Over Again For Happy Family


A long-term relationship can offer a lot of great things.On a study, it has been proven that happy couples enjoy better health and over well being. After all, a caring and loving partner can offer comfort, companionship and physical and emotional support whenever you require it.

But many years after your of marriage or dating, one may no longer feel that charming which was there just at the beginning. Maybe you are bored with your partner or due to your works both of you have more like a communication gap which lacks off that romantic relationship.

The spark of being romantic also fades away as mothers are busy taking care of their young children and paying less attention to their children. There can be more reason but instead of complaining, let us focus on how to fall in love over again

Be more touchy-feely

in a long term relationship, researchers have found that partners don’t tough enough. As in they don’t share that much physical contact on a daily basis. On a recent study, it has been found that hugging for 20-second can trigger a significant oxytocin release. It will help to change your biochemistry, and you’ll start to bond again.

Sleep closer together

The rush of brain chemicals can also come from physical contact in bed. It’s not necessary to have sex but even just touching toes can have relationship benefits too. Couples who slept the closest to each other are reported to have more satisfaction in their relationship satisfaction.

Limit technology

This is the era of the smartphone. But to more couples, it seems that using smartphones and other electronic devices is the beginning of a fight. Using smartphones on the dinner table is more irritating to the other partner. Or chatting on social sites with unknown people can hamper one’s love life. It’s better to give your partner time and not to hide anything from him or her and let your partner check your phone upon their wish.

Take a vacation

take off some time from your regular work and take some days off to take your partner on a romantic vacation. When both of you are on a vacation, you can enjoy the atmosphere together, know each other’s problems and can watch out their likes and dislikes more closely. It will help you to refresh your bond. Talk to each about the future and expectations from the relationship you both are bonded to. Learning more about each other can make the relationship stronger for better and lead to a happy family.

Say thank you

when your partner does something for you or supposes your partner gives a gift do not take it for granted. Maybe he or she is presenting you something which is a repeat of your precious gift. Still, learn to appreciate it and do not forget to thank you. Show through your expression how grateful you are you receive that gratitude from your partner and keep smiling to give him or her how happy and delightful you are. This will successfully be a start to a happy family. A kiss or by touching hand you can say thank you, thus showing your love.

Compliment each other

when your partner has done something good, do not forget to give him or her compliment. This will be encouraging to your partner. And if has not performed on something well, do not discourage him or yell at him. Instead, encourage him or her and give them the feeling they can do the work better next time. This is really very important for a healthy relationship and a happy family. Stop focusing on the negative things your partner has been doing for years and start to look at the positive things so that there is no longer space for dissatisfaction in the relationship.

Incorporate surprise

who on earth does not like a pleasant surprise? To fall in love over again you should trigger the excitement in the relationship. Boost up all your energy if you are ready to fall in love once again. Yes, you can take your partner on a short drive near the beach, enjoy ice-creams and what not. You can go to dates after your jobs or a candlelight dinner is an excellent idea. Planning for a secret destination is not less than a surprise. Staying at a new place or spending the night at a hotel can bring more excitement into your relationship.

Observe your partner’s passions

everyone has their own passion. Observing your partner’s passion will help you to cooperate with him better in the future. Even if you are not happy with your partner’s passion, do not share your hatred. Instead, help him, encourage him to work harder. Respect his love for his passion and appreciate his talent. Stare at him with love when he is working!

Create something together

doing any work alone is boring. But when your partner joins your work it can be enthusiastic. The work may include charity, a business or even a home-remodeling project. Both of you can pour your love and attention into something together. Nothing can be more wonderful than this. When you work together on something you care about, you can see your partner in a different light.

Go on double dates

going to double dates can be fun. On a study, it has been proven that double dates tend to bring out more affection and romantic feelings towards each other. Besides when you see your friend’s behavior towards her spouse, this act can remind you about old times and you and your partner can act the same way or even better. Praising your partner front of your friends can increase your spouse’s confidence and respect and love towards you even more.

Stare into each other’s eyes

when your partner is 24×7 with you don’t take it for granted. You are seeing your partner every day but do you know sometimes looking at your spouse’s face or eyes can provide you both with affection and love. Yes, when you are staring your partner will feel special and such an act can increase love in their hearts for you even more.

Flirt with each other

even if your relationship is ten years old, flirt the same way when you proposed her or the same way you used to do in school days. You do not need to go to another to fulfill your needs. When your spouse is with you why not flirt with her, tease her? Say her she is looking beautiful today. You can also explain to her how lucky you are by getting her in your life. Flirting can be different for every couple, but anything affectionate, sexually suggestive, or playful can fit the bill. Otherwise, send a romantic or awkward text to your partner to raise the feeling of excitement once again.

Engage in pillow talk

in a healthy relationship, couples should disclose positive feelings to each other after sex. This will reflect a more satisfying relationship. In this way, they can maintain closeness and continue a romantic bond. Saying shortly, spend some time with your partner after sex by cuddling, chatting, snuggling or caressing. The time period after having sex is critical, as it promotes satisfaction in intimate bonds.

Be there for each other

when your partner is facing a difficult time, be there for him or her. Support him, comfort him. Try to take away his fear. Try to encourage him, increase his self-esteem and boost him with a higher level of confidence to face the situation bravely. Thus, your partner will feel more secured having you around, someone he can rely upon. This will increase love and will lead to a happy family in the future.


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