6 Beauty Tips by Using Lemon

Beauty Tips Using Lemon

Beauty Tips by Using Lemon:

Lemon is a fruit which is found either yellow or green in color or combination of both the colors. Lemon is used sometimes for cooking purposes because its sour taste adds extra flavor to the meal which is being cooked. But not to forget, lemon is also being used as a home remedy. As per the topic, through this article we will learn about how we can use lemon for beauty purpose.

1. Lemon lightens your hair

This is a very popular beauty tip which has being practiced from ancient times. The use of lemon for treating hair has also proven beneficial. What you need to do is apply some lemon juice on your hair (not scalp) and you can sit down in front of the sun. Continue to do like this for an hour. After washing your hair you will see your hair is shinier and lighter than it used to be. You can try this hair treatment method once a week

2. Get rid of dandruff

Lemon’s acidity is a great way to get rid of dandruff from your hair. Applying lemon juice directly onto your scalp is not a good idea. Indeed, it can cause harm to your scalp in different ways. So initially, go for an oil massage. Then apply lemon juice on your scalp. But before you attempt to do this, make sections of your hair or you can ask someone else to help you to perform this hair treatment.

3. Use lemon to reduce dark spots

Lemon juice contains vitamin C. vitamin C is very effective in reducing dark spots or other kinds of marks. You can apply the lemon juice directly onto your face or with the help of a cotton ball. Firstly you will get a burning sensation. Therefore, I will recommend you to try this method after every two days. Or make a mixture of honey and lemon, and then apply it on all over your face. It will probably not make you feel that terrible burning sensation. Plus, it will also help you to reduce black spots on your face or any other marks all over your body.

4. Lemon contributes skin care

Lemon juice is a very helpful remedy for those people who have oily skin. Dermatologists advise using lemon juice all over your face at night. They strongly prohibit using lemon in the daytime as the sunlight may cause some negative impact. Lemon can be basically used as a toner as well for people who have oily skin.

5. Lemon hydrates lips

Some people think nothing can be better than a use of glycerin for keeping your lips hydrated. But you don’t have glycerin in your home, and then you can use lemon as an alternative. Both of them are very effective in keeping your lips hydrated for a longer period of time. Before going to bed at night, apply a little bit of lemon of your lips. You will see the results when you wake up the next morning.

6. Lemon lightens armpit skin

Many of us not know that lemon can be used as a deodorant. So now you do not have to go and buy the expensive deodorants that are out in the markets. Honestly, it is the lemon’s citric which is responsible for removing bacteria’s that causes odor. Besides, lemon assists to remove the dark stains from your body. Make a combination of lemon juice, honey, and oatmeal. Apply it on your armpits and leave it for an hour to observe better results.


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