What is Alcoholism and Who is an Alcoholic


bullying essay thesis Alcoholism is an awful and progressive disease that comprehends problems controlling your drinking. It is being preoccupied with alcohol causing you to drink more of it every day and become totally physically dependent onto it. If you have alcoholism then the symptoms include you can’t predict how much you’ll drink or for how long you’ll drink and mainly what consequences will occur from your drinking. Bing drinking can lead to dangerous health risks and create social problems associated with alcoholism.

go site Now we know more or less about alcoholism. But then, what is alcoholic? Both the terms have different meanings and that is the main target of our article to highlight you the different terms and inform you as much as possible so that you can have a better, healthy lifestyle before it’s too late.

To keep it simple, a lucid analysis of the terms tells us that an alcoholic is a person while we can say that alcoholism is an illness.An alcoholic is someone who suffers from alcoholism.


An alcoholic person suffers from alcoholism which means that they have a distinct physical desire to consume alcohol beyond their capacity to check it, neglecting all rules of common sense. An alcohol does not know when to stop drinking until he or she loses his or her consciousness.

Moderate alcohol consumption is when you drink occasionally on parties or in any other celebration. But this type of drinking will not generally cause any psychological or physical harm. But usually, it starts from occasions and events when people get involved in heavy drinking to get rid of depression, anxiety or if any other thing is bothering them.

In a study, it has been alcohol consumption is more likely to affect women than men.

What are the symptoms (for alcoholics) of alcoholism?

The signs of alcoholism abuse are very similar and they are often just a question intensity.

The signs and symptoms of alcoholism include:

  • Drinking alone.
  • Drinking in secret.
  • Consuming alcohol without any limit.
  • Blacking out, this means lose of memory after heavy drinking.
  • Having rituals and being annoyed when these rituals and often the alcoholics are disturbed or comments on them.
  • Losing interests on hobbies and activities the person used to enjoy.
  • Feeling an urge to drink.
  • Feeling annoyed when drinking times approach and especially in the absence of alcohol.
  • Gulping drinks down to be drunk and then feel good.
  • Having relationship problems.
  • Having problems with the law for drinking heavily.
  • Having work problems
  • Having money problems due to drinking often.
  • Needing a large amount of alcohol to feel relaxed.
  • Sweating, nausea or even shaking terribly when not drinking.

If you are an alcoholic or have alcoholism and you find difficult to quit, then visit a doctor as soon as possible before things go out of control. Denying this problem will bring a storm of problems for you and your family members. To get out of your habit, the first step must be taken by you for the sake of the people you love. Visit a psychiatrist and take medicine to make you feel better. It will take a while but don’t lose your hope.


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