Anger is a very common problem, but the research for dealing with anger problem has been around only for a few decades. Still, there is already a rich collection of techniques found out for helping to manage anger. Anger management exercises are also very important to them. The more science has advanced, the more the importance of this technique is emphasized. Previously, this concept was based on assumptions and experiences only, but now it has been proved with scientific facts that exercise helps to balance the chemicals in your brain that help you to balance your emotions. As a result, you get better at anger management.

Anger management exercise actually includes many things. For example, it can be relaxation like yoga or it can be just different breathing techniques or it can be a full sports game. Though the last one should be casual one rather than being a competitive one as it will rather increase the chance of losing temperament especially when you are losing. You should try to get as much fun as you can from the sports that will keep you in a good mood.

Deep breathing is a very important and highly practiced technique around which is taught especially in the yoga class. Slow deep breathing is very helpful as it lowers the stress level and on the other hand, it gives you some time to rethink the situation and your next step of action. You can do it with any of the relaxing position used in yoga, but you can do it separately too. The best thing about this technique is that even when you are in public and need to manage your anger, you can try this deep breathing technique.

Another interesting exercise which is less practiced but has a good success rate is writing down the emotions. If you feel very angry and you cannot but release it to someone, you can try to write it down. When you are writing, you can try to think from a different point of views. In this way, you will also be able to get the logic behind the other people’s work and review yourself from their perspective. Writing down will help you in multiple ways. For example, similar to the previous method, it will give you some time to think properly before doing anything out of control. On the other hand, you will also be able to visualize what you are feeling. You can take another step and actually visualize your emotions by sketching them. You do not have to have something particular in mind to sketch them. Just sketch whatever comes to your mind when you are angry. After taking a while, tear the paper or throw away. This visibly meaningless thing will have a good impact on your mind and gradually you will be able to clean your mind of this irritation in the same way.

Anger management exercises are done in various ways. These are just two examples of them and you can discover hundreds more if you find ways to manage your anger. The key thing is your will to manage your anger. If you want to read more about anger management or counseling, Click Here.


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