What is Bone Health & Why Bone Health is Important?


go here We all know that the human body is made up of 200 bones and they are dissimilar from each other in both shape and size. Bone is composed of collagen and minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The composition of the bones is enough to make it strong and help us as a supportive system to sit, work and indulge ourselves in regular activity. Speaking of this, it is essential for us to know the functions of the bones in our body.

click Functions:
1. As stated earlier, they are means to support our body and the joints between the bones act as levers enabling us to move freely.
2. They are filled with soft, spongy type of material, known as the bone marrow which is responsible for making blood cells in our body.
3. They assist us by protecting us from getting hurt or getting involved in some kind of dangerous injury. For example, the ribs protect our heart as well as the lungs.
4. They can store important minerals in themselves, such as calcium. This mineral is later used by the body when required.

Many orthopedics, bone specialist, advice youngsters especially to take foods which are packed with calcium. This is because our bones are broken or replaced every day. This helps them to maintain their shape as well as their rigidity and strength.

Why bone health is important

We all know more or less the importance of bone. People who meet with mild or severe accidents and have suffered bone injuries know much better how important it take care of bone from an early age.

From an early age, you should consume foods more like dairy products.
Yogurts are fortified with vitamin D. they have a rich content of calcium. Avoid Greek yogurt because they lack in the mineral calcium and have least amount of vitamin D.

Milk is enriched with calcium. Fat-free milk will provide you will 30 percent of your daily dosage of calcium if you consume it every day. Besides, orthopedics advice you to choose brands in which the milk is also fortified with vitamin D to see the double effect and strengthen your bones effectively.

Cheese is basically more like a packet consisting more of calcium than any other minerals. But that does mean you should take it into the excess amount. Cheese can increase your weight as it provides you with more calories.

Sardines are tiny fishes, but their calcium and vitamin D content are high in level. You can steam it or cook it. Whichever way you choose, they will yet deliver the necessary mineral that is required by your body.

Maintaining your bone health is important throughout your life, but it is more important as you grow older. When you have reached a stage, crossing your 40’s, your bone loss increases gradually as it is a part of your natural aging process. Therefore, to keep it simple, as you grow up, your bones become weaker and that’s when orthopedics ask you to take calcium supplements or medicines if your diet lacks in calcium.

People who experience from severe to mild fractures should be on complete bed rest if they don’t want their conditions to get worst. Therefore taking care of your bone should be given more much priority as much you would like to take care of your skin or weight.


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