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7 Uses of Vinegar for Skin and Hair

7 Uses-of-Vinegar-for-Skin-and-Hair
Uses of Vinegar for Skin and Hair: Apple cider vinegar may not exactly help you to shed some pounds. But it can certainly help you in your regular beauty routine. Apple cider vinegar is referred as multi-tasking ingredient. It can be used to prevent acne and or make your nail polish last longer than usual....

How Dairy Products Can Cause Pimples

Dairy Product Causes Pimple
How Dairy Products Can Cause Pimples: It’s multi-billion dollar industry acne you got, ranging from kids, teenagers, and adults. They all are suffering from one common thing which is the acne. The spending of hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs, medications ointments to magically getting rid of acne is basically worthless if you don’t know...

6 Beauty Tips by Using Lemon

Beauty Tips Using Lemon
Beauty Tips by Using Lemon: Lemon is a fruit which is found either yellow or green in color or combination of both the colors. Lemon is used sometimes for cooking purposes because its sour taste adds extra flavor to the meal which is being cooked. But not to forget, lemon is also being used as...

7 beauty habits for getting a glowing skin

Supercharge your beauty routine with a few morning habits that are going to boost the benefit of your regular beauty regime. How you start your day is definitely going to show on your face. Here are a few quick and simple tips for glowing skin. 1. Use an antioxidant serum Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and...

Summer Hair Tips

Summer Hair Tips: In this sticky and hot weather, sweating is an unavoidable thing. For this reason, the skin, as well as the hair gets oily and smeary too. You can learn all about how to keep your hair healthy and shiny in this weather from this article. Some beauty experts suggest that when you step...