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7 Uses of Vinegar for Skin and Hair

7 Uses-of-Vinegar-for-Skin-and-Hair
Uses of Vinegar for Skin and Hair: Apple cider vinegar may not exactly help you to shed some pounds. But it can certainly help you in your regular beauty routine. Apple cider vinegar is referred as multi-tasking ingredient. It can be used to prevent acne and or make your nail polish last longer than usual....

How Dairy Products Can Cause Pimples

Dairy Product Causes Pimple
How Dairy Products Can Cause Pimples: It’s multi-billion dollar industry acne you got, ranging from kids, teenagers, and adults. They all are suffering from one common thing which is the acne. The spending of hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs, medications ointments to magically getting rid of acne is basically worthless if you don’t know...

7 beauty habits for getting a glowing skin

Supercharge your beauty routine with a few morning habits that's going to boost the benefit of your regular beauty regime. How you start your day is definitely going to show on your face. Here are few quick and simple tips for glowing skin. 1. Use an anti-oxidant serum Anti-oxidant such as vitamin C and E protects...

7 steps for Gorgeous skin trends

skin trends
A women’s wish is to look healthy as well as beautiful.A common dream of every female is to look smart amongst her friends and colleagues and to have extra bit of aroma around her. However, as any women are caught up with their business works or teenagers entangled in their studies, they fail to...