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Supplements: Do we need them?

Supplements: Do we need them?
Supplements; we all have heard of it. Is it's beneficiary? Do we need them? Isn't it harmful to our body? These are the common questions most of us have. Well to shed some light, health or food supplements are not bad, but without proper regulation, they can become very unhealthy and in extreme cases,...

Benefits of honey

Benefits of honey Honey is a food which tastes very sweet. It can be used as a replacement for sugar for its health benefits and for those who are interested in shedding some pounds. The origin of honey is the nectar of the flowers from where bees collect it and hide in their beehives. Most...

How to get stronger

In our lifetime, we all want to get stronger both mentally and physically. But the question is why? Getting mentally stronger means we can be compared with a strong wall which is hard to collapse. Similarly, when we talk about getting stronger physically we are more likely to mean about our body fitness. Keeping...