What is Diabetics

What is Diabetics The secretion of insulin is vital to life since it lowers the blood glucose level. A deficiency in insulin production leads to the metabolic disease known as the diabetics’ Mellitus in which the blood glucose level reaches such a level that it exceeds that which the kidneys can reabsorb, and so is...

Fruit vs. Fruit Juices: Are fruits or fruit juices better?

Fruit VS Juice
Fruit vs. Fruit Juices: You might find the perfect taste in a fruit juice but a fruit, as a whole has more benefits than its juices. That is why nutritionist suggests more often for eating a whole. You might be aware that fruits are well known to prevent you from diseases such as diabetics. But...

Top 10 Foods that Cause High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol
Many people nowadays complain that they are having high cholesterol. As a result, they avoid many food items. Does the question arise what causes high cholesterol?  The answer is simple in its form. Consuming to foods that cause high cholesterol such as saturated fat, Trans fat, and cholesterol can stand to cause high cholesterol....