10 Techniques to Control Your Anger

Anger Management

Control Your Anger 

Anger lies in one of the categories of human emotion. It is a natural phenomenon in human behavior and nothing to worry about it. Anger can be the secondary response of sadness and loneliness.  But, sometimes you may unable to control your anger, which affects very badly physically and mentally.

But sometimes this emotion goes out of control and this is the time the person needs to be cautious or his loved ones need to be aware. There are various reasons for a person to be angry. For example, it can be a mild situation like stuck in a traffic jam or severe situations like personal life issues. In most extreme cases, people act before thinking and welcome problems in their life. This is why it is very important to know how to deal with anger.

How to recognize the anger?

You can feel anger any time, but detect this emotion is the key to control your anger. We know anger is an emotion but sometimes anger causes physical reactions. It releases adrenaline hormone that made a person angry and through in danger.

Some physical symptoms of anger:

  •         Increase blood pressure
  •         Heart palpitations or tightening of the chest.
  •         Restlessness, pacing, and tapping of the feet
  •         Tingling
  •         Headaches.
  •         Fatigue
  •         These physical symptoms are the signal of anger,

Emotional symptoms of anger

Anger is an emotional behavior, there have many emotional states which indicates you that you are not able to manage your anger with healthy way. Constant irritability, rage, and anxiety are anger emotional symptoms. When you feel overwhelmed, have trouble organizing or managing your feelings, work, and think or fantasize about hurting yourself or others, you could be experiencing an anger disorder or another issue. Sometimes you cannot manage your behavior which may affect your relationships.

Losing your temper at the extreme level does not mean you have an anger management problem. When you are angry, you need to find a healthy way to deal with anger.

Anger management technique

There are ways to control anger as this is the new hot topic of this time. To avoid aggressive behavior caused by angriness, people can take anger management classes.

Here are some anger management tips describing some effective techniques that you can apply to live a peaceful life:

-Control Your Anger-

1. Think Before You Speak

It is widely advised by almost everyone to think before you speak. Because if you have said something that you should not have, then you might later regret and feel sorry and stressed about the whole situation! In the heat of the moment, think that you are a brave person and you can take revenge or action at the right time and avoid reacting to that situation.

2. Once You’re Calm, Express Your Anger

When you are furious, spare yourself some time alone and think for some time. Talk to yourself and let go of the anger. When you are angry, don’t pretend to give the impression of being well. There is nothing worse for the health than to live on appearances and facades. Once you are cooled down, denote your frustration in an assertive but non-confrontational way.

Control your anger 3. Get Some Exercise

There is nothing better than physical activity to demote stress which can cause you to become angry. If you think you cannot control your anger and in a way exploding inside, go for a walk near the beach or nearest park and think about the problem and try to find an effective solution.

4. Take a Timeout

Spend some time alone and spare some lonely time for yourself from a busy schedule. The quiet moments will calm your nerves and help you get rid of your angriness. It’s more like self-anger management class.

5. Identify Possible Solutions

Negative people do not find solutions and amplify their problems. They prefer gossip and lamentation. It is better to light a match than to regret the darkness. The negative thought accumulates negative energy that is transformed into illness.

6. Don’t Hold a Grudge

Forgiving people is the best thing a person can do. This is because only the negative thoughts doesn’t conquer the mind and keep it busy but also relaxes the nerve when you forgive. Forgiveness is an influential tool.

7. Practice Relaxation Skills

Anger management skills require practicing relaxation abilities as well. When you are really very angry to take a few deep breaths, imagine a scene that you want to visit and perhaps is relaxing indeed. You can try to listen to music or pray to God. Yoga, meditation are also other tools of relaxation skills. Count down really effective for relaxing your muscles, find a word which makes you clam. Repeat that word again and again, like “Relax,” “Take it easy, and “You’ll be OK”.

8. Talk to your friend

Do not stick on the topic that made you angry. Try to talk with a trusted, supportive friend who can possibly provide a good suggestion and help you to defuse your anger, make you laugh. You can play with your kids and watching stand-up, or scrolling memes.

9. Forgive them

Forgive them who make you angry. If you cannot do this, at least act as you forgive them, it will help to slip away anger. Avoid sarcasm, it can hurt feelings and make things worse. Try to think out their perceptions, you may gain a new understanding and become less angry.

10. Write a letter

Write a letter or email for the person that made you angry, and then delete it. It will help you to express your emotion and that will never be seen and no one will be hurt.

Bottom Line

Anger is a normal emotion activity which everyone experiences from time to time. But sometimes your anger may turn to aggression or outbursts. So you need to control your anger with some healthy way.

When you are aggravated or you are really very angry, please do not harm others. The outcome can be dangerous and you can end up in prison. So better to keep your anger in control and act tactfully.


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