7 Types of Foods that Cause High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol

Many people nowadays complain that they are having high cholesterol. As a result, they avoid many food items. The question arises what causes high cholesterol?  The answer is simple in its form. Consuming too much of high cholesterol foods such as saturated fat, Trans fat, and cholesterol can stand to cause high cholesterol. Examples of some foods that include saturated fat and cholesterol are the foods that come from animals, such as meats, milk, butter egg yolks and cheese.  Generally speaking, the cause of high cholesterol is due to consumption of foods that is filled with saturated fats. Foods high in cholesterol can even raise your blood pressure and cause heart disease. You should identify the difference: meat and dairy products consists of saturated fats and baked foods and fast foods are packed with Tran’s fats. Enough said about causes of high cholesterol.

Let’s look closely at some high cholesterol foods and explore its details.

1. Ice Cream

Ice creams are well known and beat cookies and brownies as the most desired and popular frozen dessert. But maybe you are not aware of the fact that a single cup of ice cream contains more fat than a hamburger and more cholesterol than 10 glazed doughnuts. You can skip the scoop and try alternatives such as a cup of fresh fruit for dessert. Fruit consists of high fiber and low calories, vitamins and nutrients.

2. Saturated Fats and Oils

Avoid foods like butter, drippings, bacon, lard, palm oil, and lastly coconut oil. These are high cholesterol foods as they contain saturated fats. As an alternative, you may use soft tub margarine or vegetable oils, like olive or canola oil.

3. Tran’s Fats

Also limit taking foods packed with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. The reason behind this is because these oils undergoes a process which later makes them solid. Keep it in mind that these oils are found in foods such as hard margarines, cookies, snack crackers, chips, and shortenings which are the foods that cause high cholesterol, as they contain Tran’s fats.

4. Fatty Meats

Fatty meats are found in foods such as corned beef, ribs, pastrami, hot dogs, steak, ground meat, bacon, sausage and processed meats, bologna. Also restrict your limit of consuming organ meats like kidney and liver. You can replace these foods items using alternative foods such as skinless chicken or turkey, veal, lean beef, lamb, pork and fish. You can also go for some meatless dishes such as beans, pasta, peas or rice.

5. High-Intake of Meat, Fish and Poultry

Take no more than two servings a day. Keep it in mind that a serving must be about the size of a deck of playing cards and also restrict your intake of egg yolks.

6. Milk Products

You should avoid milk product that contains more than 1% milk fat. The foods include most cheeses, cream and nondairy coffee creamers or whipped topping. Try to eat substitute food such as fat-free or low-fat milk and low-fat cheeses.

  • Limit muffins, snack crackers, croissants, quick bread and cakes made with hydrogenated or saturated fat. Also, avoid whole eggs or whole milk. Instead, go for low-fat baked goods. And use any spreads or toppings lightly.
  • Instead of using margarine or butter on bread, try dipping it in olive oil and then eat it in your breakfasts. Also, you can use this method as an alternative for jams and jellies which have a high amount of preservatives in them.

7. Fast Foods

Lower your intake of fast foods as most of them are high cholesterol foods, such as hamburgers, fried chicken, fries, and tacos. They are high in both saturated fat and total fat. Choose broiled sandwiches or chicken without skin, salads with low-fat dressing and foods that aren’t fried.

If you are experiencing through high cholesterol level and want a change, at first change your diet. We tried to find out some high cholesterol foods, thinking that it can be helpful for you to change your diet. For further information and help, you can meet your dietitian or doctor and have diet chart for you. If you follow the diet chart sincerely, we can hope that your cholesterol level will come down. Happy dieting!


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