Fruit vs. Fruit Juices: Are fruits or fruit juices better?

Fruit VS Juice

Fruit vs. Fruit Juices:

You might find the perfect taste in a fruit juice but a fruit, as a whole has more benefits than its juices. That is why nutritionist suggests more often for eating a whole. You might be aware that fruits are well known to prevent you from diseases such as diabetics. But is there really any difference between eating a whole fruit or its juices? To find the answer to this question, a group of researchers from Harvard School of Public Health has conducted a survey.

They have found out that apple, blueberry, grape and other natural fruits are really good to avert people from getting type 2 diabetics. Comparing to that, drinking a glass of fruit juice does not reduce the possibility of getting type 2 diabetics as by eating a whole fruit.

The result of this survey was published in British medical journal on 29th august, 2013. Therefore, we can conclude that it is better to eat an unabridged fruit rather than selecting fruit juices if you want to refill your body with more nutrients.

[dropcap]1.[/dropcap] A fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals, fiber and phytochemicals. These nutrients are specialized for reducing high blood level back to normal as well as reduces cholesterol level. Besides, these nutrients minimize the risk of cancer, heart attack or heart stroke. When you extract the juice out of the fruits, the fibers, few vitamins and along with that, some of the other nutrients get obsolete.

So the fruit juice you are gulping down contains one-third of the nutrients or less than that. For this very reason, except some special occasion, health physician recommends giving more priority for eating a whole fruit rather than its going for its juices.

[dropcap]2.[/dropcap] Do you know that a fruit itself contains twenty-three to fifty-eight percent more antioxidants than its juices? The level of sugar is also thirty-five percent less. Thus, undoubtedly eating an entire fruit is always a better option.

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap] A fruit has a glycemic index less than its juices. Glycemic index plays a unique role in increasing a person’s sugar level in their blood. There is an undeviating link between having sugar and having the diabetic’s disease for that. But having more fruits which are packed with high fiber has a lower glycemic index which in return slows down the digestion of the food. The main point here is that low glycemic index demands lower insulin. So, it brings down the risk of diabetics.

[dropcap]4.[/dropcap] Now let’s compare the entire fruit orange and orange juice. Which one do you prefer to be beneficial for your health? Orange has soft fibers of Flavonoids. Flavonoids are known as important plant pigments for flower coloration.

Flavonoids and vitamin c often work together and as they react together with the body gains more benefit from it. Flavonoids are poorly being absorbed by the body and so, as a result, they are excreted. So if you have constipation problems, eat fruits like orange, mango that contains flavonoids as well as high fiber to relieve you from constipation.

If you draw out the juice from oranges, then the level of flavonoids declines. That’s why; you will not be much benefitted from drinking a glass of orange juice only.

Whatever I have said does not really mean that a fruit juice does not contain any nutrients at all. It certainly contains some of the nutrients, but it lacks mostly from fibers and few other nutrients are also missing when we filter.


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