How Hormones Effect On Your Health And How To Prevent


How Hormones Effect On Your Health And How To Prevent

Hormones are a part and parcel of every human being and they are crucial in the health status of a person. There are factors that may affect how your hormones are produced or used in your body. This may vary from being at a particular age, to having a health condition or a disease. By being able to know how your hormones can influence your health you will gain a better understanding of their importance. We can check some of the common conditions associated with hormones.

The Common Hormonal Diseases and Conditions

There are many conditions which may be as a result of your hormones. For instance having pituitary disorders and tumors can prevent or slow down the rate of growth of the crucial functions the hormones do. An example of a common hormonal disease is the endocrine system disease which is known to affect the glands in the endocrine system.


The loss of the bone density is known as osteoporosis. It is linked to the health of your hormones. It is good to go through how your hormones and your bones are related. You can also learn the steps that one can take to have their bones strong and healthy.

Blood Sugar Conditions

Hypoglycemia, as well as diabetes, are known to have an influence on how your body deals with insulin production as well as the blood sugar levels. Statistics from the US alone show that more than 26 million Americans are affected by diabetes. There is also the 79 million people who are suffering from pre-diabetes, which is in America alone. When a person has been diagnosed with any of these conditions they need to take steps to change their lifestyle. They also need to be aware of the treatment steps that they need to take in order to be able to deal with the disorders. If not handled well they may suffer from a long-term health issue.

Thyroid Conditions

The thyroid gland is known to be directly linked with not just your weight but also your metabolism. Having a thyroid condition means that you may have issues that may lead to a loss of your weight. In the same way this may lead to a gain in your weight. It is good to have an idea of the symptoms of thyroid conditions so that you may spot it from far. You can also take a step further to look at the possible treatment available for that condition.

The Growth Stage

Everyone grows up and being a child hormones play a big role in the growth and development stage. By having a health condition at a young age one can be able to deal with it before it becomes a bigger issue. The good thing that one can do is to detect it at an early stage so that it does not affect a child in the long run. In case it is not curable there are measures which can be taken to minimize the impact the condition may have on your health.

Get to know what it really means
One may be wondering what can we define hormones as. Well, they can be defined as the chemical messengers in your body which go across your body organs telling them to do their functions. They will travel inside your blood which is across your body also.

What they can affect

In the human body there are a lot of processes that happen and hormones can affect most of them. This can range from your mood, the sexual function, the growth and development as well as reproduction. Both men and women have hormones. The hormonal levels in the body will change as well as develop in sync with a person’s growth and age.

Male Hormone

Many people may not be aware but males are also affected by hormones. In the puberty stage there are usually a lot of changes in males. This results in the maturity of the body with a change in the mass of the muscles and a growth in the bones. There will have broad shoulders, acne development, a growth of new hair as well as a deep voice. This usually happens between the ages of 9 to 14.

During the age of 18 to 40 hormones may change and result in skin and mood changes, low libido, again in their weight and low levels of energy.
After 50 years the testosterone levels in a man will drop. The results will vary and some may have loss of hair, low libido, and brittle bones as well as reduced energy.

Female Hormones

Mention hormones and many people will link it to females. But as seen above, it cuts both ways. Hormones in girls lead to the growth in bones and mark the start of puberty. This is when the body starts to mature. The results of the puberty stage are menstrual cramps, change in moods and breast tenderness. Puberty will usually be around the ages of 12 to 14.

As a lady gets into her childbearing period, her hormones cause weight control and muscle mass changes. They are also crucial in pregnancy. A hormonal imbalance during this period may lead to mood changes, skin changes, low libido, low energy and a gain in weight.


This is the period after the childbearing age. It is normally after 45 years and the hormones change to make it hard to get pregnant.

Keep them in check

For the sake of health in both men and women, natural hormonal development is important. One may be wondering how they can aid their hormonal growth. It may involve simple things such as having a healthy diet which you stick to. Focus on having three meals a day and they should be low on sugar and fat. This may mostly be vegetables, fruits, lean meats and whole grains as well.

You can also add half an hour on a daily basis to engage in moderate physical exercises. It is always good to seek the opinion of a medical professional, in this case an endocrinologist if you need assistance.


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