How Dairy Products Can Cause Pimples

Dairy Product Causes Pimple
Dairy Product Causes Pimple

How Dairy Products Can Cause Pimples:

It’s multi-billion dollar industry acne you got, ranging from kids, teenagers, and adults. They all are suffering from one common thing which is the acne. The spending of hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs, medications ointments to magically getting rid of acne is basically worthless if you don’t know what the root cause of your skin problem is. But no one ever stops actually to think about it. From where does this acne come from and how can the victims really get rid of it. Because when you are actually taking prescription drugs, ointments and crèmes, you are not addressing the root cause of the issue.To think more deeply, acne doesn’t come from the outside but it comes from the inside out. And now we will see one thing that you can eliminate from your diet to have a clear and glowing skin. Can you guess what that one thing would be?

The answer is very straightforward. It’s the dairy products. One simple thing ever is moving dairy products away from your life can completely give you clear skin. So how does dairy give you acne? Let’s take a look.
First of all, let’s assume that a boy, Prism has got lots of pimples and whiteheads and he is complaining to his mother and asking her to help him out to get rid of acne. His mother gives him a glass of milk with cereal every single day. She additionally gives him some cheese with his lasagna or other foods. Now let’s focus more what happens thereafter.
In the face, we have got sebum glands. The pores in the glands within your skin over the face secrete the oil that causes proliferation or causes over-activity of the skin. The sebum is activated or over-activated when you drink too much dairy. Therefore, dairy products have too many hormones, many biotic, preservatives, chemicals.

Altogether they all causes negative effects within your body. So when prism drinks the milk, something like IGF(Insulin-like growth factor)will go to the liver and hormones (all these artificial hormones) will also accompany them. Prism’s liver is getting bombarded where all these artificial hormones are delivered into the liver. The liver doesn’t know what to do. It is working hard. Basically, the liver is now filled with toxins. What the liver does next is it starts kicking the artificial hormones outside the liver. So as a result, these hormones get outside of the liver. Responding to this action, it starts going to sebum glands and over activates your hormone system.

As a result, prism gets, more pimples and more whiteheads as well as blackheads because the liver is getting too much push with the negative hormones that it doesn’t know what to do with it.

The second thing that happens is within the gut. So within the dairy, you got things known as proteins betacyanin morphine 7. But the actual base betacyanin morphine 7 will go down through your gut by piercing the part of your gut. Then what happens is the betacyanin morphine 7gets in your blood stream.Thus, your immune system gets activated. The over activation in conjunction with the over toxicity in your liver is causing prism to have acnes. The more you consume dairy products, the more microvilli will be gone from your guts.

Also, the presence of preservatives will screw up with your microvilli.
To get rid of acne, you need to remove dairy from your diet to get clear skin.


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