Makeup for Sensitive Skin – 07 Tips & Advice


Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Having or maintain healthy skin is very tough for every woman especially these days considering the burning heat and pollution in the environment.

More or less, most of the girls keep on complaining that they have acne or breakouts after the day they are using makeup on their face. But why is it happening? Why Do Women need to Makeup tips for Sensitive Skin?

Did anyone think about this topic deeply? Your skin may have been makeup sensitive. Well, there are some many companies out there, selling different types of cosmetics. The branded ones are also included in the list. It cannot be that they are using chemicals which are not beneficial or suitable for our skin. If you buy a cheap foundation, then we can inquire that, what were the ingredients? But when you are buying a branded cosmetic over two hundred dollars, then what can you comment? Another case is, you might get rashes all over your face applying that “X” foundation. But when your friend is applying the same “X” foundation, she is not getting any rashes, or say breakouts. So basically you need to learn why after applying makeup the skin of your face is in trouble.

Makeup tips for sensitive skin

Below are some skin care tips that you must follow in order to maintain that healthy look on your skin.

  1. Do not wear makeup every single day

Compare your skin to your hair. You do not choose to go for regular shampoo because it will cause excessive dryness to your hair and make it rough. Applying makeup to your entire face also does not do any good for your skin. You should not wear makeup, at least a full face of makeup every single day and this is advised by every dermatologist. The reason behind this “no” is because it is going to clog your pores and cause all that acne (stuff that you don’t want on your skin).

Basically, the trapped dirt will come on the surface of your skin and your skin will get more prone to bacteria’s. Apply makeup only when you are attending a big event like a wedding ceremony, proms, etc. But do not use makeup when you are chilling around with your friends or going to school, college and universities or when you are just walking to the grocery shop to grasp some items you need. If you want to get that healthier looking skin please I am repeating again, do not apply makeup every day. Plus at one stage in your life, you will see that your skin looks more aged for applying makeup every day once upon a time. It does not matter if you are drinking plenty of water to keep your skin well hydrated, everyday makeup will still have a negative impact on your skin. If you don’t trust me, you can browse the websites and see the celebrities. Many of them had to undergo cosmetic surgery to look young and beautiful.

  1. Remove your makeup every single night

This is probably the most important thing to make up for sensitive skin. I give you some tip for getting healthier skin. Do not ever go to bed with your makeup on. When you sleep, that’s when your skin cells regenerate. Also, when you sleep, your skin is replenishing itself and renewing itself. So if you sleep with your makeup on, your skin cells cannot do the four “R’s”- regenerate, renew, revitalize and revive. And you are basically clogging your pores by sleeping with it, causing your skin to become more susceptible to bacteria. If you probably have a hangover and you are too tired to clean your face and directly go to your bed to and fell fast asleep, you are probably going to wake up with a couple of breakouts when you wake up in the morning.

No matter how much tired you are, remove your makeup every single night or the nights you return home from a party. Basically, even if you didn’t apply makeup on your skin, please clean your face with great care to get rid of all the dirt you had on your face without your acknowledgment. A simple way to remove makeup for those who are extremely lazy is first taking some makeup wipes, wipe off all your makeup on your face. For the eyes, use liquidity or an oil-based eye makeup remover. Pour a few drops of the eye makeup remover on a cotton ball. After that, gently rub the cotton ball around the eye area. Then you can go ahead and cleanse your skin with a suitable cleanser.

  1. Don’t go to the gym with your makeup on

It is the same thing as sleeping with your makeup on. When you go to the gym, constantly you are working out and sweating. Therefore, you have a mixture of sweat, oil, dirt, grease; bacteria build up on the skin surface of your face. Basically, all these things are clogging your pores. As you know, a clogged pore makes your skin look dull. Besides, you know you might get a breakout also. If you are going to wear makeup to the gym just wear mascara and lip gloss or lipstick. Don’t wear foundation or anything like that. That’s just the worst thing you can do to your skin.

  1. Wash your makeup brushes

Many people do not notice the importance of washing their makeup brushes. When you apply a foundation on your skin, using any of your makeup brushes, you might probably see your face is basically covered with rashes or acne the very next day. What most people do is blame the foundation or the company from where the foundation belongs. But they overlook the fact that their makeup brushes were not enough hygienic to be used and for that very reason they got rashes all over their skin or they are facing other skin problems. Imagine you are using a brush which you didn’t clean, for about a month. In that brush you have all of the foundations build up, bacteria build up and you are reusing it to apply another foundation all over your skin. Can you imagine how scary it sounds? You are basically reapplying bacteria to your skin. So to keep your skin acne free and not get your skin into trouble, clean your brushes with anti-bacterial liquid soaps and hot water. That will definitely kill all the bacteria inside the brush.

It is better late than never to start taking care of your natural skin. Makeup is something we use to make us look more attractive. But, makeup should not stand as a cause of dullness to your skin and make it look less lively.

  1.  Discard old products

Discard old beauty product which expires shelf life. Many women do not know that every beauty product has a different shelf life if you use old product which expires their shelf life that can take a toll on your skin. When buying makeup product do not forget to check the expiry date, if it is not mentioned on the product’s body ask beauty advisor of the store. Toss your old beauty product and replace them with new products that will help you to use new products from time to time. Make sure that you buy the correct shade for your skin when you go for buying beauty product preferably malls, where have sample products for testing. You can choose the best makeup brand for sensitive skin.

  1. Avoid waterproof makeup products

Waterproof makeup is great but it is a hard task to remove this from the skin and need to use hard makeup remover. Harsh remover means losing out on natural oil and hydration from your skin. If you have dry skin it will be better to avoid waterproof make up. If your lips become dry easily then avoid matte lips formulas that will provide to dryness. Dry skin can cause irritation and rashes, in that case, consult a good skin doctor or experienced makeup artist to help by giving best beauty tips for sensitive skin and use the best product which suits you.

  1. Stay moisture

If you notice your skin become dry day by day, keep a facial spray nearby to spray on a dose of hydration. Having healthy skin is very important especially when it is sensitive skin which requires lock water and prevents dryness. Use moisturizer which suits you and tries to use organic moisture. Drink lots of water and fresh juices to keep your skin hydrated, drinking lots of water is the best beauty tips for sensitive skin. When you get time, wash your face with cold water it not only hydrates your skin but also helps to clean out dirt that might be closing your pores. In the market, there have different best makeup brand for sensitive skin, choose the best one which suits your skin.

Final word

Applying the perfect makeup is not much as having healthy skin or maintain dry skin into the mix can make things even more complicated. To avoid breaking your makeup and most importantly, damaging your skin, we have a list of 7 basic makeup tips for sensitive skin.

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Last Update: 30 May 2019


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