How to Prevent Dengue Fever

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5 way to prevent dengue fever

5 ways to prevent dengue fever

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne virus fever that is widespread in many tropical countries. This dengue virus transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. If you are affected generally mild, it can be dangerous. Only the female mosquito transmits the dengue virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2009 case classification, there have three types of dengue fever, these are dengue fever without warning symptoms, dengue fever with warning symptoms and severe dengue. Dengue fever is a very painful disease. If you are affected generally mild, it can be dangerous.  It is important to recognize the warning symptoms of dengue fever and need to take steps to prevent dengue fever.

The dengue fever has a sudden onset and symptoms include fever for 3 to 7 days, intense headache, pain behind the eyes, Muscle pain and joint pain, fatigue, vomiting, skin rashes, and mucosal bleeding. There have no specific treatment or medicine for dengue patient. But, enough water intake and bed rest are very important for dengue fever patient.


Dengue fever is transmitted to people normally through the bite of Aedes mosquito. This is the same mosquito which spread chikungunya. The mosquito infected when it bites a person who is already infected with dengue. Dengue virus takes one or more weeks to replicate in the mosquito. Dengue virus cannot be transmitted person to person.



Dengue has no specific treatment or vaccine. If any of the infected dengue patients take medicine for another pathological disease, he should talk to a healthcare specialist before taking the additional medicine. Avoid blood thinner such as aspirin, patients are advised to drink enough intake of water to prevent dehydration, take the painkiller and get some rest. Most important try to avoid the mosquito bites to prevent the disease.

The danger factor of dengue

The danger factor of dengue is what put you at greater risk of developing dengue fever such as:
Living or traveling in tropical areas: Live in a tropical or subtropical area increase the risk to the virus which causes dengue fever.
Prior infection with a dengue fever virus: The previous infection with a dengue fever virus increases your risk of having severe symptoms if you’re infected again.

Prevent Dengue Fever


If you are not taking any steps for dengue prevention and control it can be very dangerous for our life. Babies under the age of 10 years are affected more than adults. Severe dengue can damage the lungs, liver, heart, damage to the blood vessels, and it can fall down blood pressure to a dangerous level, sometimes it causes death.

5 ways to prevent dengue fever

There has no vaccination and no specific antiviral treatment for dengue prevention and control. So, the best way to prevent dengue fever is preventing the bites of infected mosquitoes. If you are traveling or stay in the risky area you must use some technique to prevent the bites.

We have to take some step against dengue. Here we have discussed five way to prevent dengue.

1. Keep clean your area

The mosquito usually breeds in Dirty water, dark places, closets, and corners in living spaces. The eggs of Aedes mosquitoes are resistant to dry weather, so taking extra care of the dirty water bodies is a great way to prevent the breeding of Aedes mosquito. There is some way to prevent breeding. We have to tightly cover the lid of the water container tanks, change the water of a flower vase regularly, clean the drain in timely. Otherwise, simply spray them with necessary insecticides to prevent the breeding. Turn over the buckets and watering pot store them in a safe place so that water cannot store. Make sure that drain is not blocked

  1. Dressed protective clothing

Cover your all body when you go through or near the breed ground. Cover as much as you are possible. Wear Long sleeve dress, long pants or trouser, covered shoes. Light color cloth attacked mosquito-less then dark color. There are many products in the market like Odomos, which have DEET or Picaridin. These cream apply on the exposed portion of the body, it commingles the mosquito’s senses and makes a person invisible to them. Avoid perfume and stay fresh from sweat. Cause sweat and perfume attacked mosquito like bees to pollen.

3. Be careful about your indoor

Ades mosquitos bite during the lights of the, we should stay indoors as much as possible. Mosquito mostly likes dark & dump, keep your room with streaming sunlight. Keep your room air conditioning if possible. Otherwise, sleep under a mosquito net. Try to avoid going outside during early morning and evening. Who don’t like to shut the doors or windows just because of insects, those people can use windows net. Many types of windows nets are available in the market. Mosquitos trap or nets treated with mosquitos more effectively.


  1. Careful about your outdoor plan

Plan any day out but during the rainy season is very risky you with life-threatening dengue infection. Choose the place which is clean and devoid of the dengue mosquito habitat. Avoid visiting the high-risk area of the dengue virus. Try to stay at home at dawn, dusk, and early evening because of this time mosquitos attacked more.

  1. Use natural methods

Planting Tulsi plants in your garden helps you to keep away mosquito form your home. This plant keeps mosquito away and won’t dare to breed near your home. Neem oil is another way to keep mosquito away. Use normal mustard oil and neem oil for lightening lamp. You can find neem oil in any market easily. Neem oil is one of the best ways to keep mosquito away.


If you feel like mosquitos are increased around your house then be the careful cause, this could be Aedes mosquitos which bear dengue virus. Kept these five points in mind and act accordingly. Diagnose the dengue fever is tough because the types of dengue fever and the symptoms are confusing. Recent science invents a laboratory test to detect dengue, but the test result takes time to reach and starting treatment. So, it is better to take steps for dengue prevention and control.

Last Update: 20 May 2019



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