Summer Hair Tips


Summer Hair Tips:

In this sticky and hot weather, sweating is an unavoidable thing. For this reason, the skin, as well as the hair gets oily and smeary too. You can learn all about how to keep your hair healthy and shiny in this weather from this article.
Some beauty experts suggest that when you step outside of your place, it is more certain that your hair gets covered by a layer of dust. Because of sweating, the root of the hair gets wet. That’s why the hair lacks to show its shininess. This type of situation is mostly faced by the people whose skin of the scalp produces excess sebum. As a result, the hair not only looks greasy but slippery as well. But we cannot stop going outside because of this natural problems. Since the case is related to your beauty, you must take proper care of your hair, to make it look healthier and silky.

Some beauty experts suggest using shampoo and conditioner on your hair regularly. But others argue doing this regularly might cause your hair to become dry. Use a mild or gentle shampoo if you are shampooing your hair regularly. Most of the ladies do shampoo their hair regularly but because they not dry the wet hair properly, the oily state of the hair remains. So after washing your hair, dry it properly using your towel. With the palm of your hands, apply a bit of pressure and move the towel from up to down. Rubbing your hair sideways with your towel increases the probability of split ends and makes your hair look fuzzy. Dry your hair using a table fan or increasing the speed of your ceiling fan. Do not blow dry your hair or use heater to dry your hair frequently. This will evaporate the water which is bound to the hair. Therefore, you hair will become harder and lack of softness.
Always step outside of your home after drying your hair properly. When you feel that your hair has completely dried, then you can use clips and rubber to tie your hair tightly. Or else, your hair cannot escape from the outside pollution and gradually your hair will get more damaged. Besides, the scalp will sweat and make your hair look greasy and dull. After reaching your destination, you may open your hair. I prefer, if you are working indoors then you can keep your hair open. Do not forget to keep a comb with you wherever you go. Brush your hair at least thrice a day. It will help you to keep away from forming hair tangles.

Hair treatments:

To keep your hair look perfect all the time, you can use some homemade remedies. These homemade remedies will help you to keep your hair look lively and smooth for a long period of time.

For rough hair:

Make a paste out of yogurt, ripen banana and honey. Use this paste once a week.

For oily hair:

Except banana, you can use any seasonal fruit and blend it. Add honey to the blended fruit and make a paste out of it. Besides, you can use henna packs to add an extra glow to your hair.

The main thing is, you must keep your dry hygienic and clean in this season particularly. If necessary you can go to a parlor and do hair spa or hair protein treatment. But for those who have colored their hair, you are recommended to do an oil message followed by a hair color treatment.


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