Technology addiction

If we take a good look at the meaning of addiction we find it is the repetition of behavior that can have harmful repercussions. Now the entire world is shaking with the fever of technology addiction which is accompanied by internet addiction as well. Or you can say to some extent they are synonyms. The advance if emails, social networking is advanced by the faster speed of the internet. That is why people are more bowed towards technology which on hand completes their job, makes it faster and convenient while on the other it adds to their entertainment. This kind of addiction is known as a genuine mental disorder which is contentious

It is difficult to blame only on computers and laptops as smartphones and iPhone, iPad is, on the other hand, seems like dominating us to its fullest. More than adults, the younger generation seems to be more addicted towards technology. The new apps of different websites take away their minds away from the field of their study. They lose more time in chatting, browsing on the internet rather than focusing on their career.

But apart from socializing, teens are bewitched with video games which fall under the category of technology addiction. The launch of Xboxes and PlayStations seems to cast a spell on teens which causes them again to leave their studies and spend hours on playing them. They play till they reach the top or succeed. Recently a game like the flappy bird was removed from all websites as teens spend more times on playing them. And the news was out in the air that a teen committed suicide as he could not win the game.

What are the technology addiction facts?

Technology addiction fact varies from person to person. Studies are unable to give an exact timing to use the internet that would indicate a person is addicted to technology. Technology addiction fact is likely to be present these some of the following behaviors persist:

  • a compulsive need to be online
  • have access to devices
  • forgetting to sleep or eat while gaming
  • loss of interest in activities other than gaming
  • spending hours in front of the computer without taking breaks
  • inability to leave a game and go to attend daily tasks
  • poor performance at school due to gaming
  • poor performance at work due to gaming
  • increased communication and friendships with other gamers
  • irritability, depression when not engaged in gaming or perhaps technology

Parents become helpless and in many cases fails to bring back their child from this technology addiction. They keep insisting to study, concentrate on careers whereas teens get irritated and precipitate very rudely with their parents. This causes parents either to keep quiet and let their children have their way of life or seizes away their devices. Experts recommend parents to make the matter seriously as the case is sensitive and explain them both the significance and value of life. Any violence from the side of parents can affect their children’s mental health and behavior.

Technology addiction treatment

The internet is a great thing which changes the way of our life to live, make our life easy and comfortable. It makes our world digital and the benefits are increased day by day, now we can easily connect with our friends and family via text, email, and social media at any time of the day. Easy to plan events and keep up to date without having to physically meet with others.

Some people are unable to maintain the balance between their online time and their offline time, it can mean problems for their mental health. There are no exact symptoms for technology addiction, but generally, people who are addicted to the technology they are unable to balance personal and professional responsibilities because of their online activities. Sometimes it effects on their relationships with family and friends.

Internet addiction as like as drug addiction because of the similarity. The virtual online friend becomes more important than the real-life relationships you have in the real world, and you feel anxious without them.

Some studies prove medications are effective as technology addiction treatment. Because in this stage you may suffer from anxiety and depression, if you treat the anxiety or depression, the Internet Addiction may fix in step with this treatment strategy. Studies proved that anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications have a serious effect on the amount of time spent on the Internet.

There is no specific technology addiction treatment are available.

Here we take some common psychological treatments to technology addiction treatment:

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT is a psycho-social treatment that helps to improve mental health. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps you to understand the effect that internet addiction has on your relationships with family, friends, and others. Addiction kills your impulse and unable to control using the internet. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps to minimize the withdrawal symptoms of internet addiction, such as anxiety and make it possible to decrease the usage of the internet in a safe and regular manner. It is a very effective way to reach the goal.

  1. Behavioral activation (BA)

Behavioral activation is particularly effective, the aim of this to improve basis use behavior and depression, increase the activity level and help to focus on the important activity that prevents the usage of the internet. Behavioral activation is very helpful to improve the general mood and overall wellbeing. This helps to develop an understanding relationship between actions and emotions.

  1. Family or relationship therapy

When people affected by technology effective, they cannot give time to their family, give all the time on the internet. Technology addiction badly effects on family unity, this keeps you away from the family. Family or relationship therapy is very effective when internet addiction effect on the family unit.

Family or relationship therapy solves the issues which can be effected on existing relationships, improve communication and establish an intimate relationship between you and your partner.

The goal of internet addiction therapy

  • Help you to understand the bad effect of internet addiction on your life.
  • Encourage you so that you can reduce to spend a big amount of time on the Internet.
  • Moving a negative relationship with the internet by finding new something which keeps you away from stresses and strains of daily life.
  • Lower esteem, loneliness, restlessness, and withdrawal as a way to help to connect with others and increase self-confidence.

Bottom Line

We were talking about the younger generation all this time. But what about the adults? They too are addicted to technology. On a survey done in America, it has been reported that at least 30% of the business workers check their emails 30-45 times in thirty minutes. Yes, certainly an email is important to any businessman or women when it is related to business. But checking emails for this many times, what will we call them? Technology addicts?

Adults should learn to take care of themselves with their own interest. They cannot be too much addicted to technology or cannot depend on technology too much to do their works behalf of them.


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