7 Uses of Vinegar for Skin and Hair

7 Uses-of-Vinegar-for-Skin-and-Hair

Uses of Vinegar for Skin and Hair:

Apple cider vinegar may not exactly help you to shed some pounds. But it can certainly help you in your regular beauty routine. Apple cider vinegar is referred as multi-tasking ingredient. It can be used to prevent acne and or make your nail polish last longer than usual. But that is just the beginning of its beauty uses.Let us have a look on how apple cider vinegar can help you at its best—from packing up the healing time for bruises to tightening as well as toning of your beautiful skin.

1. Skin Soother

Add about 0.03 liter 9or eight ounces) of apple cider vinegar to a bathtub that is already being filled with lukewarm water. Soak and rests your whole body in it for about 15 to 20 minutes. The pH level of apple cider vinegar is somewhat alike to the pH level of the protective acid mantle layer of our skin. So soaking in will help reinstate balance.

2. Facial Toner

apple cider vinegar can be used a toner. So now you don’t have to spend money on buying branded toners. To use the vinegar as a toner, all you need to do is combine one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with two cups of water. At first, moisten a cotton ball. Then gradually swipe the mixture all over a clean and dry face to tighten the skin. After applying, don’t hesitate to rinse. If you are uncomfortable with the scent, then don’t worry.The unpleasant smell will soon dissipate. The natural alpha hydroxyl acids and acetic acid in Apple cider vinegar will stimulate circulation. Along with that, it will help you to minimize pores.

3. Hair Rinse

to clean your hair, add two tablespoons apple cider vinegar with a cup of water. Use this combination to drench your hair after washing. Afterwards, rinse properly and apply a light conditioner to make your hair appear more silky and smoother. The apple cider vinegar’s acetic acid will get rid of the residue from product buildup. Additionally, it will assist you to get shiny and lustrous locks.

4. Sunburn Relief

Mix half cup apple cider vinegar with four cups of water. Drench a washcloth (fabric material required) with the solution that you have just made. Apply this solution on sunburned skin or tanned part of your skin. Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the pH levels of your skin by promoting healing and preventing blistering.

5. Bug Bite Treatment

Initially, moist a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar that has not been yet diluted. Dab the cotton ball on bug-bitten skin to acquire instant relief. The acids present in the vinegar will neutralize the itch. At the same time, its anti-inflammatories will ease from swelling and its pH balancing capabilities will fasten healing.

6. Foot Deodorizer

Mix a cup of apple cider vinegar with four cups water in a big bowl. Soak your feet for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse your feet so that no traces of vinegar remains. Do not forget to dry your feet. The antiseptic properties of Apple cider vinegar will assist you to sanitize rank odor along with disinfecting your feet. Moreover, the anti-fungal ability of the vinegar attributes to avert and fight back fungal conditions, for example, athlete’s foot.

7. Dandruff Treatment

Dilute apple cider vinegar by mixing an equal volume of the vinegar with that of water. Massage the solution that you have just prepared, into your scalp before shampooing. Beside this, you can also combine a teaspoon apple cider vinegar with your choice of shampoo. Use the mixture to wash hair and concentrate on your scalp. The natural anti-fungal properties of Apple cider vinegar can combat as well as mitigate dandruff.


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