5 Ways to Workout without Gym


More or less people are diligent in their hectic life. They have no spare to time to pay a visit to the gym. Maybe because they are too busy or tired. Gym is not the only way we can exercise and lose weight. There is other Idiosyncrasy in which we can work out even without attending the gym. Following Five Ways to Workout without Gym

1. Jogging

The secret to a slim and sexy body is to engage as many muscles as possible for moving quickly from one exercise to the next and keep your heart beat rate high. It energetically increases muscle mass and helps to decreases body fat by engaging more muscle fibers. This burns tons of calories during a short period of time. Morning or evening jogging is a better workout than attending the gym. It refreshes the mind as you can see the surrounding view. But view in a gym can be monotonous. Besides walking to your work place or office can help to burn some of your calories and keep you active throughout the day. Washing dishes, cleaning the home, washing clothes or cooking for the family is also a kind of workout. Household chores help a significant role in keeping you super active while it teaches you various kinds of things that is required in your daily life.

2. Jumping Jacks

Another time of work out is jumping jacks. Continue this workout at least for two minutes. This is one of the best workout apps. Fast feet workout can help you avoid gyms. If you want to know how to do the work, it’s simple. Step quickly backward and forward over a stretched-out jump rope. Also continue this method for minimum 2 minutes. You can also try out another workout, known as the roll over workout. This workout is known by many, so I’m not giving any further details.

3. Planting

All ages of people like planting. Make planting a hobby. Take care of the plants, water them regularly. Plant it in a better soil and cut leaves to give it a shape. Planting trees can a better workout, knocking out the gym.

4. Yoga

According to me, yoga is such a kind of workout that kicks the gym’s derriere on every level, and you can kick your own. Yoga is, of a kind, everything that a body needs to function at its absolute best level.

5. Pomodoro Method

Lastly, another type of best workout is the pomodoro method. For many of them it’s a new term. Basically it is a simple method. You do work for 25 minutes then makes 5 minutes break. Continue this process consecutively for 4 times then you can go for a 15 minutes break. This is what pomodoro is. Can the question arises, how does it help?

The answer is also simple. Taking frequent breaks keep your mind fresh and focused. You must have noticed that working continuously may make you feel bored or take your attraction away from the work. This is another category of the workout as you can get up from you sit and take a short work. In these 5 minutes, you can even say “hello” to your friend that can keep your mind active and refresh you once again.

Preventing gym and working this and that can contribute to losing weight. But by another advice is to control your diet. Keep a track of whatever you are eating and make sure you are more into vegetables. Avoid oily foods which can add up your calories.


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