What Causes Your Child to Wet the Bed? And solutions


What Causes Your Child to Wet the Bed

While raising kids some parents face the problem called bed wetting. Kids from 4 to 8 do this very often after this age some kids face this problem. This is a very embarrassing for kids. Most of the time it becomes more embarrassing because they don’t come to know that fact that many kids do this during their sleep.

Causes of bed wetting could be:

  1. Most of the time kids face this problem because they are not able to wake themselves when they have a full bladder.
  2. Some kids don’t have the necessary control to hold the urine while they are sleeping.
  3. Some kids produce more urine at night time and they release it while they are sleeping.
  4. It can be genetic. Sometimes we can find out that the kid is wetting the bed his/her father/mother/aunt/uncle used to face the same problem.
  5. Drinking too much water before going bed can occur this problem
  6. A urinary tract infection is another reason of bedwetting.
  7. Problems with Urinary organs may cause this problem
  8. There could be hormonal causes. There are certain types of hormones, those control the urinary amount. While sleeping, some kid’s these hormones don’t work properly.
  9. There could be psychological problems sometimes. Kids wet the bed while they have stress and anxiety. Some kids start bedwetting when they start school.

Reminder:  Bedwetting is a common problem. He/she isn’t doing this for the purpose. It’s not children’s attention seeking strategy or laziness. It’s very embarrassing for them.

Tips:  If your child is facing the problem called bedwetting you might follow these instructions.

  1. Be supportive and let him/her know that every child faces this problem.
  2. Don’t let your child drinking too much water before going to bed.
  3. Make sure that he/she is practicing the bedtime habit properly. This includes using the bathroom before going bed, washing hands and feet’s, brushing teeth’s etc.
  4. Talk to your child if he/she is having some stress or personal anxiety.
  5. After wetting the bed, you can involve them in the afterward situations like changing clothes or bed sheets. Make sure that he/she isn’t interpreting it as a punishment.
  6. Give your child training about using the bathroom after 3 years old.



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